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  • LIQUID BANDAGE – HelsRx Liquid Bandage is a unique and effective cracked skin repair liquid for your entire body, not just feet, heels, or fingers! Our liquid skin protectant is easy-to-use, non-toxic, and also works great on calluses, blisters, and scrapes

  • WATERPROOF – The HelsRx Liquid Bandage is waterproof and flexible to keep your skin protected no matter what life brings you. Our liquid bandage adhesive for skin stays in place and keeps dirt and germs out. It also locks in moisture to prevent further cracking

  • FAST DRYING – Our liquid skin repair for cracked fingers and heels dries fast and stays on tight, unlike traditional bandages. It seals your skin in seconds for instant relief

  • BUFFER INCLUDED - Each bottle of HelsRx Liquid Bandage comes with an easy brush-on applicator brush and buffer to help remove cracked skin before applying the liquid adhesive to your skin

  • DIRECTIONS - Wash effected area with warm soapy water. Use the skin buffer to remove dry skin and towel dry around the affected area. Brush a thin layer of liquid over the affected area. After the first layer has dried, apply a second layer. Reapply liquid every 1-2 days until skin is healed